InfoTrends, a research firm that focuses on the imaging, document solutions, production print, and digital media industries has released their 2012 Document Imaging Scanning Forecast for North America. You can buy the report here. The report identifies three trends affecting the market.

Capital Expenditure Constraints

The capital budgets for most offices remained very tight in 2012. It has been four years since the beginning of the recession but many offices still holding their budgets very tight.

The cost for production scanners continue to be more than they would like to spend. Smaller size scanners have not seen the same impact on sales since they require a smaller investment.

Growth of Automation

Many offices now have scanners to create digital documents. The breakdown comes after the scanning in getting the documents into a document management system. There is an increased number of solutions designed to solve this problem.

This will continue to be a growth area over the next few years as offices look to improve integration from front office to back office solutions.

Cloud Computing

The ubiquity of broadband makes cloud computing a reality for almost every organization. The lower costs of moving solutions to the cloud continues to drive people to that solution. As part of that more and more employees are accessing the cloud via mobile devices.

Smart phones and tablet computers are becoming the default for many mobile employees. By using digital documents and cloud storage these remote employees have access to the same documents as employees tied to a desk.

We have seen many of the same trends in the calls were are taking at Record Nations. Many offices are looking to have the bulk scanning work outsourced to prevent the capital expense of purchasing large productions scanners. Once the records are digitized they are being loaded into cloud solutions. This prevents the purchase of servers and in some cases the build out of a server room.

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