Common Record Management Mistakes

One of the most overlooked but essential parts of a business is the record management plan. Not only does a good record management allow for an organized and less stress environment; it is also mandatory in order to be in HIPAA and FACTA compliance.

That being said, a lot of businesses do not have a solid record management plan. There are 5 filing mistakes that are found in businesses.

The Top 5 Common Record Management Mistakes Include:

  • Record ManagementNot tracking what’s being transported
  • Only Indexing by date
  • Not keeping track of locations of files
  • Not empowering the end-user to search for documents
  • Storing records in basements

If you think your company is in jeopardy of facing the consequences for these mistakes, it’s not too late to implement an effective filing system. There are many different ways to organize your documents. Listed, are 8 simple steps to manage your records.

Steps to Developing an effective Record Management Plan

Here are some of the main steps to create and maintain a successful and effective records management plan:

  • Keep an inventory of all records
  • Determine who is going to manage the records
  • Create and document proper procedures
  • Training and implementation
  • Maintaining and auditing the program

For an in-depth description of each step check out 8 steps to developing a management plan.

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