Do You Need A Big Hard Drive For Data Storage & Backup?

Document scanning and records storage both have their advantages. Which one is best for your business?Data storage is one of the industries in which prices seem to constantly decreasing, while the amount of data that a device can store keeps increasing.

Technology has changed the way that we store data.  By improving the way that data devices are manufactured, larger storage options can be sold at lower prices.

You may be surprised how much data storage is available for a great price these days (here’s a hint- it’s in the terabytes now).

As a business owner, it’s important to realize the importance of storing your data safely, whether it’s on-site, on the cloud, or an offsite back up.

Your data storage solution will help protect the documents and records that you need to successfully run, maintain and build a business.

The Cost of Data Storage

The cost of data storage used to be astronomical. In 1956, you would pay $10,000 for one megabyte of storage. In 1981, the cost of a Gigabyte was $300,000. By 2000, it had dropped to $10.00 for a gigabyte. In 2010, the price of a gigabyte dropped to just ten cents.  I think you see the pattern here.

As technology improves, storage devices can be created at much lower costs. The size of the devices that can store the data have also decreased dramatically.

This makes it possible to store large amounts of data very efficiently. These advances have made external hard drives a viable storage option for most people. Business owners and consumers can benefit from the reduced cost of data storage.

Improvements in Data Storage

Data information backup storage folder concept illustration

Data information backup storage folder concept illustration

The improvements in data storage have several other benefits besides affordability.  Data storage is much more compact than it used to be, making a safe storage area for your data much easier to find.

It also makes having a redundant back up much more affordable, which can help to protect your business.

Data storage is also becoming more reliable. Instead of using disks, CD’s or DVD’s to transfer or store data, you can use portable thumb drives that store more data than you could dream of putting on a floppy disk.

External hard drives are affordable enough that you can have a dedicated hard drive for one product or client, which can make managing your data a lot easier.

The efficiency of the data storage can help you save money.

If you are using an older storage system, you may want to consider using newer technology to protect your business. It is less expensive now to buy additional external hard drives than it has ever been.

Deciding When You Need to Upgrade

day-forward scanning forward progress for record storage bridge the paper and digital gapAs you continue to operate your business, it will generate additional data that needs to be stored. Different types of businesses have laws regarding how long they need to keep copies of their records and files. It can be costly to store paper copies of everything.

You may decide to switch to a digital office, and convert your old records to digital ones.

If you have already been working in a digital environment, it may be time to upgrade your storage capacity and expand by purchasing additional external hard drives.

Since data storage has become more affordable. It makes sense to purchase more storage than what you think you will need, because it will last you longer and give you room for growth.

It also gives you extra room to create backups of all of your files. A business will need a lot more storage than an individual, and you may want to create both on-site and offsite storage options for your business.

You can create a backup system that allows you to store records on external hard drives based on year and clients.

Saving on External Hard Drives

external hard driveWith the improvements in data storage, you may be able to save money by upgrading your storage.

This may be because it takes less room to store the new data, and you can save on the amount it costs you to store it in a data facility.

You want to choose reliable external hard drives, and the cheapest option may not always be the best. For on-site backups, take the time to carefully research any external hard drives that you buy to be sure that they have a good reputation and that they are reliable.

It’s also important to consistently have a backup in case a storage method does fail.

This will keep the information that you need to run your business safe- and one of the most efficient ways to do this is to find the right online data backup and cloud storage solution for your business.

Why You Should Switch to Online Data Backups and Cloud Storage

Cloud storage and online data backup advantagesThe answer for an increasing number of businesses is to use an online backup service.

Your data is backed up nightly through an online solution through an Internet connection rather than someone having to transfer physical tapes or disks to an offsite location.

The data is mirrored at multiple data centers to further guarantee the integrity of the data so that it is very difficult to have a catastrophic or complete data loss.

For security, any data that is sent through the online service is encrypted before, during, and after it is sent. (also known as end-to-end encryption), which can provide up to 256-bit AES encryption. This makes it mathematically impossible to be stolen.

Online backup systems are also a lot easier to use.  You can partner with a cloud storage expert that has an interface that works best with your systems, and with the click of a button you can back up your data quickly and securely- and restore your data faster as well.

Most of these providers also offer online storage for all your files.  It eliminates the need to have an physical files and expensive on-site server just to house your day-to-day operations and your critical business files.

You’ll have the ability to access your files from anywhere; all paper documents will never be misplaced or accidentally thrown away; and most importantly, you’ll save money in the short and long run.

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