Understanding Cloud Storage- Tips, Benefits and Risks

Understanding Cloud Storage- Tips, Benefits and RisksCloud storage offers businesses the capability of accessing, sharing, and protecting sensitive data. In fact, the majority of small businesses cannot afford to manage and maintain on-site technology resources, which makes cloud storage extremely helpful.

Many question the third parties’ ability to secure their servers against breaches, or if an internal threat exists that may compromise company data.

Others fear that cloud storage services will keep their private data and make it unattainable in the event the service fails. While these are legitimate concerns, there are several items, including cost and convenience, of a cloud storage makes it a business venture worthy of consideration.

For businesses that have jumped on the cloud storage bandwagon, they know that these services offer several benefits. It might be challenging to understand how to leverage the capabilities of cloud storage services appropriately.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

There are several benefits to using cloud storage for your business, which we discuss in length in our cloud storage articles, but here are some of the benefits of cloud storage for any size business.


One of the biggest changes in cloud services over the years is the ability to customize the service you need for your business.  Even the more inexpensive cloud service providers offer you a level of customization that is more sophisticated than traditional storage and networking systems.

Since these systems are software driven and usually require a very small investment in hardware (if any), you have the ability to request things that were difficult to manage on an in-house storage option.

Keep in mind that even though entry-level systems can be customized to a point, if you have very specific needs, you need to choose the right provider for your business, and make sure that you don’t sacrifice performance for the price.

Ease of Use

Usability is one of the biggest changes that cloud storage will bring to your business. Almost every solution is universal to Mac and PC, and has the ‘drag and drop’ option, so you can take any file and easily send it to your cloud storage drive. Backing up systems is also a lot more user-friendly, and once it’s set up, can be done quickly or automatically, eliminating the need for tape backup or offsite record storage.

The interfaces are also easier to understand and manage, removing some of the burdens of extensive training and understanding of how your system works.


As long as you have Internet access, you have access to the files on the cloud.  The storage server is not device-oriented- users can access files on their Smartphone, notebook, tablet, laptop or any Internet-enabled electronic device!

One of the greatest ways to leverage cloud storage is to send e-mail attachments to the business’ cloud drive. Selecting the proper storage files for attachments will make it easier to access without weeding through endless messages.

That way, if you’re on the road, have a severe weather event, or have an employee that works from home once a week, you’ll never have to worry about leaving that important file behind.  Make sure that you choose the right service for your needs- don’t send or store confidential or important information on an unsecured cloud solution.

They Can Grow With You

Scaleable services are one of the most overlooked advantages of cloud storage and cloud services.  It used to be tremendously expensive to any growing business to expand their capacity and ability to take on more clients and more employees.

Now, with a series of phone calls and some troubleshooting, you can expand the capabilities of the business faster- but not necessarily easier.  You have to be sure that you find a solution that works with all your existing systems, processes and procedures.

That way, you won’t have a less painful migration to the cloud, and you can systematically fix your bandwidth issues without having to expense tens of thousands of dollars for equipment.  You can also grow as you go- you don’t have to worry about expanding to support future growth.

Do I Really WANT Cloud Storage?

Online storage can be a difficult avenue to travel for a business that has processes and procedures built on conventional file storage methods.  Not only will be difficult to train and transition employees to the new system, but you might also have some issues with your document or records keeping that perpetuates the problem.  In fact, once you dig into the details, the entire process may even confuse technically savvy business owners.

Business owners that have to keep tight reigns on their business will also have a difficult time with cloud storage.  Why?  You don’t control the cloud. If something goes wrong on the provider side of your service (or something goes down in general), there isn’t much you can do about it other than ensuring you have the proper backup procedures in place.

Another thing to consider is that if your internet service goes down, so does your business- temporarily.  If your company has an internet connection that has issues, a cloud storage service might not be right for you.

From selecting a cloud storage service to programming settings, cloud storage can be pretty nerve-racking and tedious. However, this should not deter businesses from considering it.  After you smooth over the rough edges, cloud storage offers a huge benefit any business model that needs to safeguard their records and documents. Businesses who stay committed to cloud storage will find themselves on the path to financial success.

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All of these functions allow businesses to get the most from their cloud storage capabilities. With a little personalizing and customization, business owners can enjoy the convenience and cost effectiveness of cloud storage. If you’re concerned with security, there are several secure document storage options that business owners can choose to complement their cloud storage services.

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