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medical record scanning and storage Converting and storing patient records requires a medical records management company that provides quality and consistency, along with strict compliance to HIPAA and HITECH.  As experts in our field, we understand the importance of secure medical record scanning services that take all required steps to protect your patient’s health information.  

Record Nations can help you figure out the basics of and the steps you need to take when storing hard-copy patient records and/or converting them to use on an Electronic Health Records System, or EHR.  

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Record Nations can help you select the right electronic medical records software for your practiceElectronic Health Record Systems, HIPAA, and HITECH

Learn about best practices and information for electronic health record systems, and more about the laws that protect patient privacy.

Medical Records Management, Scanning, and Storagemedical record storage

Get details and more information about best practices and implementation for medical record scanning & storage, and find out how to find the right medical scanning or storage provider for your practice.

Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records Blog Postsvisit-our-document-management-blog

Browse our most recent blog posts that explain the differences between an EMR and an EHR how to protect patient records, and other related topics.

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Here are some links to learn more about the services we offer medical offices to store, scan and manage patient records:

Medical Record Scanning – Scan your patient files to digital format.

Medical Records Storage – Store existing patient records in a secure, off-site facility.

Electronic Medical Records System – Find a EMR system that fits your office.

Electronic Health Record System – Get information on converting patient files for an EHR.

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