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The two primary goals of growing any business are to increase profits and decrease spending. This is an obvious statement, yet many companies fail to recognize how to do so.

One thing every growing business can agree on is the importance of data. Whether we’re talking about client information, employee records, or files and numbers concerning the performance of the business, accurate and sufficient data is the backbone to any efficient business model.

For the better part of the 20th century, physical papers were the clear winner for storing information. While nobody can deny their usefulness, there is a clear correlation between the increase in numbers of papers and the decrease in efficiency in managing the information contained within them.

With the advent of the computer, filing cabinets and desk drawers overflowing with papers were being phased out. Computers can store massive amounts of data, and access any file with a few clicks of your mouse.

Fast-forward to today and you’ll see that computers are not only an advantage for business record management, but an absolute necessity.

Digitize Your Data Storage

Record Nations Document StorageNo matter which industry you’re in, it is easy to see the takeover of digital records systems. From businesses large to small, the lack of a digital filing system severely hinders the speed and organization of your records.

A document management system (DMS) is an in-house server that houses any documents, files, or records. Due to the server being hosted on site, there are no worries of data loss or breaches since there is no connectivity to the internet.

If your business currently employees a paper filing system, you can transition easily with a document scanning service. All your physical papers are scanned, tagged, and indexed into the DMS with your future digital files to create an all-in-one system.

Conversely, for a more accessible option to digital store, cloud storage services allow you to house your files on encrypted cloud servers. Your documents can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection with the availability to edit and collaborate on projects with others remotely.

Less Spending and More Revenue

Digital files aren’t just a convenience for your employees, but a larger part of your business strategy.

Simply put, an optimized records management system greatly enhances your employees’ ability to work more efficiently. The time wasted in menial tasks of searching for files, re-filing, re-organizing, and so forth is also money wasted.

Another big opportunity to save on costs is the outcome of the structure and organization that an appropriate records management system provides.

Industries such as legal and healthcare require proper retention of patient files and records. If you are summoned to retrieve these files and cannot, heavy fines and penalties can be assessed on your business that you simply cannot afford.

You can save on future headaches and have these files on-hand instantly with digital filing systems.

Transform Your Filing Cabinets to More Productive Means

Record Storage Shred NationsIt’s simple: more available office space will equate to more productivity.

Many businesses are cluttering their work space with filing cabinets and other record storage fillers containing thousands of documents that are hardly ever touched.

It is understandable that many industries require retention periods of certain types of files, but there is still a smarter alternative to your document storage needs.

Physical document storage services are facilities that securely store your documents off site until you need them. These facilities are climate-controlled to ensure the sustainability of your files, with 24-hour surveillance to make sure your data is safe.

Additional features of physical document storage includes on-demand record retrieval. You can request specific files and have them delivered to you only when you need them.

In the meantime, your business can utilize that added real estate for more productive uses, including extended work stations and additional employees.

Record Nations Can Optimize Your Business Records Management

Record Nations and our nationwide network can connect you with the most affordable records management system to optimize your business efforts. Increase revenue with decreased wasted spending utilizing one of our state-of-the-art document storage systems.

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