What is Cloud Storage and How Does it Work?

We hear and talk a lot about backing up files to the cloud, but what does it mean? Contrary to the name, cloud storage does not mean our photos and documents are floating in the sky. When a file is uploaded to the cloud, it is copied over the internet onto a data server. 

A data server is a physical place where providers store your files on hard drives. Providers have servers in multiple locations with copies of your data to prevent data loss if one location is compromised. The provider is responsible for storing, maintaining, and securing your data, while also making sure it is always accessible through an internet connection. Watch the video or read the full blog below to learn more about what cloud storage is, how it works, the different types, and its benefits.

How Does it Work?

Cloud storage begins with the user uploading data via an internet connection. Typically, you will connect to the storage cloud using a web portal, website, or mobile app. Users can save all kinds of files including personal and business documents, images, and videos.

Your provider will take over most aspects of storage management including security, capacity, maintaining storage servers, data availability, and network data delivery. They may also offer services to help collect, manage, and analyze your data.

The cloud protects your information from data loss but also creates a collaborative environment by allowing files to be transferred easily and enabling single documents to be accessed at the same time by different users. You will be able to complete projects more efficiently, even when workers are remote. The cloud also offers multiple security measures that can be put into place for additional safety.

It’s offered in four main models: 

Public Cloud Storage

Public cloud storage offers resources to multiple organizations and individuals. Storage in a public cloud is generally offered as a subscription or pay-as-you-go service. It is an “elastic” storage system that scales up and down based on your capacity needs. Public clouds provide unlimited scalability and leading technology at a lower price than other models.

Private Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage is a storage system that is not shared by more than one organization or individual. It can be an organization that operates its own servers and data centers or dedicated servers and private connections provided by a cloud storage service. Private clouds are ideal for anyone with high-security concerns or requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

The hybrid cloud model is a mix of private and public options. The user can store sensitive data on a private cloud and less sensitive data on a public cloud. Hybrid options provide more flexibility, scalability, and security than a private or public model alone.

Multicloud Storage

The multi-cloud model is when more than one cloud model is used by a single organization or individual. This can be beneficial if you require data to be stored in a specific location or if you need multiple cloud models for various reasons. Multi-cloud models offer redundancy and increased flexibility.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Whether you are an individual backing up your personal computer or a large enterprise managing huge amounts of data, cloud storage offers cost-effective, scalable storage options. You won’t have to worry about running out of capacity, managing infrastructure, or losing data from a failed device. It offers simplicity, security, and peace of mind.

You can scale your storage capacity needs as much and as quickly as needed, access data whenever and wherever, and employ automatic information management to increase efficiency. All in all, it’s an excellent option for anyone wanting to safely back up their data without excessive costs.

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