Medical Record Scanning and Storage Bloomington, IN

Medical Record Scanning and Storage Bloomington, INQuality, accuracy, and consistency for medical record scanning and medical record storage come with a secure management company. 

For large volumes of record scanning and storage, Record Nations Bloomington provides full-service HIPAA and HITECH-compliant services.

Preparing Medical Records for Scanning in Bloomington

Follow these easy steps to get started with medical record scanning today:

  1. Call us at (812) 496-3605 or fill out the form. Include the number of records needing to be scanned and the level of detail you will need to maintain for those records. 
  2. Local scanning contractors will contact you right away with personalized quotes for your project.
  3. Select the contractor that best aligns with your needs.

Medical Records Storage Services

Offsite medical record storage allows you to free up space and increase productivity while preventing lost, stolen, or damaged records. 

Record Nations Bloomington is here to help find the best medical record management medical Record scanning and storageservice that is right for you.

Medical Records Custodian 

If a Bloomington healthcare facility closes, a person or company is appointed as the custodian to manage the patient records. Indiana requires patients’ documents to be kept for at least 7 years. 

Custodians of medical records can store physical copies in a secure storage facility or scan the documents and store them electronically using an EMR system. With either option, patient records must be readily available upon request. Failure to produce forms could result in fines or penalties.

Record Nations Bloomington can help you find a local provider to manage your records, release needed information and destroy the records after the retention period. 

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Medical Record Scanning and Storage in Bloomington

Medical record management needs to be safe, compliant, and reliable. To get started today, call us at (812) 496-3605 or fill out the form on this page. 

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