Document Redaction Service

Document Redaction Services Record NationsYour organization will produce many documents and files over time, some of which contain sensitive information that must remain confidential. Document redaction services can help to clean any documents of the private information they may contain.

This can help to maintain the confidential nature of the people and  businesses mentioned within the documents.

What Is Document Redaction?

Redaction is simply the process of removing text or images from a document. This process is sometimes called document sanitization.

Governments and businesses use document redaction services to remove private information that might be used for identity theft from electronic documents when they’re published.

The redaction process has two main steps, and the first step is done via software. Electronic documents are converted to text via OCR. Next, software then looks for patterns or private information including information like names, social security numbers, or other identifying data that is requested.

The second step is for each document to be reviewed by an actual person. This person verifies that the software did not miss anything during the review process.

For most organizations the document redaction services process must be done for thousands of documents. This process is usually outsourced to a company that specializes in this heavy workload.

No matter who performs the document redaction services, the process needs to be done professionally and efficiently.

How to Choose a Redaction Service

Business Woman Has To Choose Between Two WayWith redacting, it is important not only to cover the images or text you need removed. The process will also make sure it is removed from the original image before it is published.

The service should be thorough and secure without any inaccuracies, to ensure that your documents can’t be compromised before sanitized.

Using a proper service for document management can be crucial for your privacy and confidential affairs of your organization.

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