Is the Paperless Office a Dream or a Reality?

It’s a fair question to ask if the paperless office is just a dream like hover-boards and flying cars or if it will be achieved in our lifetimes? The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), a trade group for information professionals, has published a paper on this topic earlier this year.

What a Paperless Office Looks Like

Paperless OfficeThe answer they came up with is not clear cut. The numbers back up the savings for moving to a paperless office. The average business can half the space needed for paper storage. If you have an office in an expensive area are in a prestigious building it is painful to pay premium leasing costs for a box that is just as happy in a storage unit. These savings alone are enough for many companies to look for a document scanning solution.

The speed and accuracy of data retrieval is much faster after the digital conversion. For business like lawyers and accountants who need to look up the history of their clients that is a big benefit. A third of the businesses say it is as much as ten times faster. And in the unfortunate scenario of a subpoena the law requires quick turnover of documents.

Is Going Paperless Worth It?

The study found that 42% of businesses achieved payback on the project in 12 months. It jumps to 70% at 18 months. This is a great return for any project. But it still worth investigating why 30% of businesses do not achieve a payback on the investment.

So if the payoff is there we should all be paperless by the end of the year right? Well as I have heard before there will be a paperless office right after we have a paperless bathroom.Even after a digitization project, a third of business were printing more paper than before. You can give people an electronic alternative but it is much more difficult to change how people like to work. From most offices the need for paper seems to correlate with the age of the employee.

Maybe it will be our kids who finally run the true paperless office.

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