What To Do With Your Files After Going Paperless

Going paperless is a huge step in the business community and it really helps push your business forward in a way that gets you closer to success!  Not only does going paperless help make your office look more appealing to your clients, but it also helps make your job that much easier.  InsteadCropped businessman shredding document besides stack of folders of having paperwork all over your office, you will be able to access everything in a heartbeat on your computer.  With how convenient all of the computer software is these days, it would be a bad decision to not go paperless.  It also can potentially save you money in the future.  Once you have decided to go paperless though, what do you do with all of your old paperwork??  You can’t just throw away your documents with sensitive information..

You want to shred all of your records that hold any of your office’s, or your client’s information on them.  It is the only sure way to verify that everything has been completely destroyed.  When paperwork is shredded, it is basically impossible to gain access to the information that used to be contained on the paperwork itself.  Not only is it shredded into pieces, but it gets recycled after the fact which completely destroys any information that was ever on the paperwork.  It is extremely important to make sure that you destroy all important records in order to protect your business as a whole.  Not just your information, but if anybody else’s information leaked out, it would make your business look unprofessional.  Always be safe, and if you question whether or not it needs to be destroyed, it needs to be destroyed.