What is Microfilm, And Why Do Businesses Use It?

Micro FilmMicrofilm is a storage method that businesses used to (or currently still) rely on to store information. Defined as microform, there’s several different types of microfilm, which we define here.

This type of data is quite safe, and it has an expected shelf life of about 500 years if you choose the correct materials for the film.

Microfilm is just a roll of images. They can be of various lengths depending on how many pages were stored.

In order for the records to last, you do need to make sure you have followed the correct guidelines for storage conditions– which are the most important aspect for preserving the film. In addition, you need to make sure that you have the material recorded properly on the film.

Why Do Businesses Use Microfilm?

Microfilm was developed to allow businesses to store large volumes of documents in a smaller format instead of hard-copy records. Microfilm is just a picture of the document- very similar to digital images created in document conversion today.  The major difference? The image is stored on a film negative, which was viewed using equipment that blows the image up on a screen.

Microfilm could also be viewed using an eye glass to look at the image if there is light shining through. It is not the most useful format but if it was some limited information that was needed then it could be accessed.

Converting Microfilm To Digital Format

By converting microfilm to digital records, you’ll have the ability to share them quickly and easily.  A scanning service helps eliminate the need to search for documents physically- and as you might know, digital records are usually accessible everywhere and anywhere.

There’s several steps you need to take before you start the process of converting microfilm to a digital format- check out the 6 most critical steps here.

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