Shredding After Migrating to A Paperless Office

Migrating to A Paperless OfficeHave you decided that it is time to make your office paperless?  This can be a huge change, and it requires patience along with really great teamwork!

Migrating to a paperless office is a wonderful option considering all that being paperless has to offer these days.

If you haven’t looked into all of the different ways that you can manage your records through digital format just yet, today is the day to check it out.

One of the biggest concerns when it come to going paperless is what to do with your documents once the process is complete.  There’s a good chance that secure paper shredding is the last step for your document scanning or conversion project.  In many cases, the document management company you partner with will shred the documents you send them or they pick up after they scan them.

If they don’t, once they’re all converted to digital format there’s a couple ways you can handle the hard-copy documents.  You can take critical documents you need to retain and store them in an offsite facility, or you can find a local provider that can safely and securely destroy your documents for you.

A paperless office is something that saves you time and money over time- it increases efficiency, improves workflow, and frees up critical office space so that your employees have more time to work on what matters.  If you choose to do day-forward scanning, or even ongoing scanning, don’t let the document conversion process be a threat to your company- make sure that you have a plan in place for your documents after they’re converted.

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Our certified shredding partners provide you with a certificate of destruction for verification that the shredding was done right and to ensure that you maintain chain of custody.  Let us help you dispose of your documents securely and minimize the chance of critical files falling into the hands of identity thieves or your competitors.

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