How to Recover Data From an Encrypted Hard Drive

encrypted hard driveIf you are unable to access data on an encrypted hard drive there is still a chance that you will be able to recover all of the information. However, in order to retrieve the data you need a few things first:

  1. You will need the encryption code or key
  2. You will need another computer
  3. You will need access to the software that the encryption is written in
  4. You will need a USB universal drive adaptor

If you have all of these things you are well on your way to recovering your data. Simply hook the hard drive up to the functioning computer with the USB adaptor. When the computer is running with the encryption software you will be prompted for the encryption key to recover the data. After inputting the correct key you will be given access to the lost data.

If you don’t have the key that is given after the creation of the encrypted volume there would be no way to restore the data. Otherwise the encryption would fail to fulfill its purpose.

Stay Secure When Recovering Data

Some companies and industries require such high levels of secrecy that they cannot allow other people to access their encrypted data.

Data recovery companies have the capability to recover data while leaving the data in its encrypted form throughout the entire process. Many organizations are comfortable providing encryption keys so that data can be decrypted and verified before it is returned, however this is not always the case. For some organizations, providing encryption keys to an outside vendor such as a data recovery provider is against their security policy. In these cases, the data will be recovered and sent back to the client in its encrypted form on a new hard drive; however, the specific file condition will be unknown until the files are decrypted by someone with access to the encryption key.

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