Hard Drive Destruction Services

Hard Drive Destruction and Shredding ServicesA hard drive that has been wiped clean can still contain recoverable data. Deleting files or reformatting drives isn’t enough to protect your information.

Thieves and hackers can use simple software, or advanced manual techniques to recover data from your hard drive. Your data is not really gone unless the hard drive is physically destroyed.

On average, hard drive shredding costs anywhere from $7–20 per drive. As quantity goes up, the price per drive will go down.

Types of Hard Drive Destruction


An industrial shredder cuts the hard drive into tiny pieces using thousands of pounds of force.


A large hole is punched through the platter causing the magnetic surface to become deformed, rendering the hard drive useless.

The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction

Many people buy used computers just to get information off the hard drives. While HIPAA and FACTA laws exist to protect the electronic data that businesses have, you should also be taking steps to protect your data when disposing of personal hard drives.

Formatting the hard drive is not sufficient protection from cybercriminals. If the hard drive is destroyed and reduced to pieces, these criminals can’t recover any of your data. Making shredding or crushing hard drives the only truly safe solution. Hard drive shredding is important because:

  • Criminals are always on the lookout for old hard drives and other data-storing devices. 
  • Deleted information can still be extracted with the right software. Only a destroyed device guarantees that no one will be able to use it in the future.
  • A failed or dead hard drive can also be recovered. This may come in handy for accidents when you erase a file. However, it can be very dangerous when disposing of the device.
  • Certain industries require physical destruction with regulations like HIPAA enforcing proper destruction.

Environmentally-Friendly Destruction

Hard drives and electronic waste disposal are regulated by law, and must comply with EPA hazardous waste requirements. This means it’s often illegal to put electronic waste in your normal trash. Our service providers will recycle the raw materials after shredding your electronic materials.This ensures best practices for you, and the environment.

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