The Paperless Office: How Much You Can Save

A paperless office can save more than just the environment with cost-reducing benefits for businesses that deal with a lot of paper (and employees managing those files).

Why Go Paperless

Paperwork is the largest overhead expensive in any organization, giving even more financial incentive to go paperless.

Paperless offices often see immediate benefits, including cutting out the primary costs of paper along with the ability to manage records more efficiently.


Going From Paper to Paperless

Scanning documents and using them in electronic document management systems helps save money on the recurring costs of paper.

At 7-12 cents per page, scanning is a one-time investment and cuts out copying costs.

In a paperless office files can be accessed and distributed electronically, and for off site storage recurring monthly fees are removed from the budget.


Paperless Management Systems

Paperless offices use systems like cloud storage and electronic document management systems to house and manage data.

Using cloud or DMS software opens up various money-saving opportunities ranging from streamlining daily operations to cutting down basic supply costs.


Primary Paperless Savings

Scanning and going paperless saves money by removing the costs and burdens of storing and using paper records in the office.

Time is Money

Employees can spend up to 2 hours looking for files each day

On average, large organizations lose a file every 6 seconds

Managers spend on average 4 weeks per year searching for misplaced and lost information

Paperless record management cuts file processing down by roughly 4 days

Saving Space

With a paperless office, the space previously dedicated to file storage can instead now be used for more productive purposes like extra employees.

Besides extra space where filing cabinets used to be, paperless records management also avoids needing to buy expensive filing cabinets.

Distribution Costs

For every $1 spent on printing, another $6 is spent on distribution

Roughly $480 billion was invested in paper records manager salaries in recent years

On average, companies spend $180 to re-create a one-page document

An Example: Costs Avoided

With 24 filing cabinets and 100 employees each making $15 per hour, paper costs would be:

Cost Factor Annual Cost
Paper Costs $8,000
Filing Cabinet Costs $8,433.73
Space (7 sq. ft. per cabinet @ $7.50 per sq. ft) $1,265.04
Labor costs w/ single file manager $30,240
Labor costs without file manager $604,800
Total annual cost w/ file manager $47,938.77
Total annual cost without file manager $622,498.77


Looking to Go Paperless?

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