Are You Disposing Hard Drives Safely?

When you delete files from your computer, they can still be recovered. That’s wonderful if you need to recover your own files. But if someone else gets a hold of files you intentionally deleted, it’s a whole different story.

Destroying Data

Someone may advise you to take a hammer, drill, or screw driver to the magnetic plotter of your computer in order to destroy the data. That only works to a point. Let Record Nations help you do it right.

Reformatting a hard drive frees up space, but it leaves it easily recoverable — in case it was a huge mistake in the first place. To erase everything you would have to overwrite each block, something that is rarely done through complex reformatting. This leaves your data vulnerable.

Degaussing uses powerful magnetic devices to scramble the information on a hard drive. It demagnetizes the hard drive so the data is basically unrecognizable.

Shredding a hard drive is the most secure way to destroy data.  Hard Drive Destruction services provide the best way to safely destroy a hard drive.  Shred Nations provides a certificate of destruction for proof that the hard drive was disposed of properly.

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