Data Backups and Disaster Recovery: Methods and Systems

create backup emergency response plan data breach recoveryDisaster recovery plans and data backups are a lifesaver when it comes to data loss and recovery in the event of a natural disaster like a fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane.

The importance for specific recovery systems in event of more traditional issues like hard drive or computer failure became apparent.

Virtually every home in the nation purchased a computer, and more and more businesses used computers as the primary driver for sales and business architecture, which sparked the need to implement (and understand) how recovery systems work.

This selection of articles highlights the benefits of a data backup and disaster recovery system for your business and an active recovery system in your home computer.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan Strategies & Examples

Many organizations are unaware of the importance of creating a successful IT disaster recovery plan (DRP). Understanding the best practices behind an adequate DRP is crucial for any organization short- and long-term.

Alternative and Additive Storage Methods for High Volume Computer Users

Learn more about the best solution for storing your digital records. Different additive storage options like external hard drives and cloud storage may be optimal based on your needs.

Who Was The First Manufacturer to Include a Recovery Drive?

Disk recovery drives can save you if your hard drive gets corrupted. This is where the idea started and how it is used today.

The Costs of Recovering Data From a Dead Hard Drive

It’s much cheaper keeping your data safe rather than trying to recover it when a hard drive fails. Don’t risk losing data and information you’ll need tomorrow.

Common Types of Disasters That Can Destroy Business Files

Data disasters can be as small as a disk failing, and as large as a hurricane or fires that destroys the whole building. Don’t rely solely on an onsite backup.

Important Steps to Protect Business Records in a Disaster

Natural disasters will not only destroy your computer but the backup drive sitting next to it. Make sure you have a strategic backup plan in place.

Prepare Your Business for a Disaster With Proper Backup Procedures

Is your business ready for a disaster? Could your business survive if your office was destroyed? Create proper backups to protect your documents and data.

Why Data Disaster Recovery Is Important For Your Business

To make sure your critical data is protected, It’s important to back up your data off site with a cloud storage service or some sort of disaster recovery.

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