The Best Backup Format to Use For Your Computer

Best backup formats

The importance of backing up data on your computer cannot be understated. Should something happen to the computer’s hard drive, you could lose all of your data. It’s important to protect your computer with the best backup format.

Depending on the damage, the data might not be recoverable – even if an expert attempts recovery. Regular backup is part of any computer maintenance protocol. Backing up regularly is part of any computer maintenance protocol. They store a copy offsite with a tape rotation service or store online. Whether the computer is for personal or business applications, backing up is necessary

Internal Backup FormatThe Best Backup Formats to Use for Your Computer

Nearly all computers have some form of internal backup. Microsoft products, for example, save “system restore” or “backup” files regularly should something happen to the hard drive. The theory behind internal backup is that the data loss is not the result of an irreparable system failure.

In other words, the hard drive might crash but you can restore it to functionality. Users relying on this form of backup run the risk of losing their data anyway because there is no guarantee that a hard drive will be recoverable after a system crash.

External Backup Format

Along with the computer’s default internal backup, users should back their data up onto an external source regularly to ensure data integrity in the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure. There are numerous external sources users can back their data up to, and the source depends on the size of the data to be saved.

Many users simply back their critical data up onto a “thumb drive.” These memory sticks are also called “USB flash drives” and can be purchased in many different sizes. Users plug the thumb drive into the USB port on their computer and either run a backup program or manually save the files to the drive.

Another option is to purchase an external hard drive for the computer. These also come in various sizes and generally plug into the computer’s USB port. You can plug and leave external hard drives into the computer, and schedule with a regular backup per the user’s preference.

When time, the scheduled backup will run in the background and the computer’s data will be saved to the external hard drive. In the event of an internal hard drive failure, data can be retrieved from the external source.

Network or Online Backup

If a tremendous amount of data needs to be backed up, such as the backup required for a business computer or an entire network of computers, a backup source capable of housing large quantities of data is required. In this case, thumb or external drives are generally not viable options due to cost and space restrictions.

For extensive data backup, many IT professionals rely upon a separate network server or online cloud services. These options provide extensive storage space capable of handling large quantities of data.

A separate server works much like an external hard drive. This server backs up all computers on the network system. It usually runs a scheduled backup as part of an overall maintenance program. In most cases, computers on the network are backed up every night to ensure minimal loss of data in the event of network failure. Server sizes vary but are generally capable of handling the massive amounts of data a business would require stored.

Online cloud services are the newest form of computer backup technology and are popular with both business and personal applications. The server is offsite and secured, and users or company IT professionals save the data onto the offsite server regularly. Should data recovery become a necessity, the offsite server retrieves and loads the data back onto the local computer or network.

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