Hard Drive Maintenance

Hard Drive MaintenanceInternal and external hard drives are something that are usually ignored when it comes to ongoing maintenance.

The reality is that the hard drive in or connected to your computer is one of the most important components.  Without it (or if it fails) you’re left with a piece of technology that is utterly useless.

We tackle some of the more frequently asked questions about hard drive maintenance, and the steps you should (or shouldn’t) take to ensure that your hard drive is running optimally and has an extended life.

  • How Long Will My Hard Drive Last? 
    Hard drives not properly maintained will fail long before their average three-to-five-year life span.  Learn more about how long a hard drive is expected to last- and the differences between memory and your hard drive.
  • Will Your Hard Drive Last Longer if you Defragment It? 
    When you’re looking to boost performance, one of the first suggestions that an expert will make is to defragment your hard drive.  It might help increase performance in the short run- but will defragmenting your hard drive help it last longer?
  • How to Add a Second Hard Drive to Your Computer 
    Installing a second hard drive to your computer can increase system performance and storage capacity exponentially.  Here’s some of the steps involved in installing a second hard drive into your computer.

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