Prepare Your Business for a Disaster With Proper Backup Procedures

Prepare Your Business for a Disaster With Proper Backup Procedures

The news is full of examples of why every business needs to prepare for a disaster. It is unlikely that there is a business in Florida that hasn’t planned for recovery from a hurricane.

But Hurricane Irene had its biggest impact on Vermont . The small businesses in Vermont are unlikely to have ever planned for recovery from the ensuing flooding.

The small businesses of Vermont shouldn’t feel alone; they are not the exception when it comes to planning for disaster. A survey by Gartner Inc. showed that only 35 percent of small and medium sized businesses have a disaster recovery plan.

Without a disaster recovery plan you are left scrambling to get back up and running. Hurricane Irene drove 11,000 small business owners to the Small Business Administration looking for disaster loans. It is still unclear how many businesses will never recover from Irene.

Now is a great time to look at how your business will recover after a disaster. Every business should have a plan that covers everything from minor to major disasters. Examples would be disasters like servers crashing or the complete loss of the primary business location. There are some simple steps every business should take to be ready.

Back Up Your Critical Business Information Before A Natural Disaster Strikes

Make sure all important data is backed up. The best strategy is a 3-2-1 approach. Have three copies of all vital data. For smaller disasters like a dead server just copy the data into a new server. Have your data on two different formats.

The first copy will be on a hard drive so make sure you have a copy on disk or backup tape. So if you lose all your servers you can copy it from a backup disk. And have one copy offsite. This can be done using a tape rotation service or using a cloud-based storage solution. If the entire location is lost you can restart at another location.

Our expertise is in data management but here are some other tips to help your business survive a disaster. Keep an updated contact list for all employees that is available in the time of a disaster. Know home numbers and cell phone numbers. Have a backup location to start the business back up. Review your insurance to make sure you have the capital you will need to stay in business.

And most importantly – test, test, test. A great plan today may be outdated in six months if your business is growing or you are moving into new markets. Check your backups to make sure they have the data you need and that it will still load into your system. Backup routines have a nasty habit of failing after a period of time. You don’t want to realize that the last backup is from eight months ago. It is impossible to eliminate risk but it should be managed.

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