How RIM Programs Work

Records in Storage

You keep vital information that needs careful attention. RIM systems make sure you are protected from making mistakes with this information.

RIM helps you to identify, store, secure, track and destroy your important documents appropriately.

Records Information Management (RIM)

Records Information Management is often simply referred to as RIM. The entire life cycle of your records, from the inception of a record to its final destruction, is handled through a Records Information Management system.

Classify and Identify

Your records are either kept digitally or kept as physical copies. All types of files will need to be kept according to industry standards. Depending on how often you need to access your files, you might want to scan some of your records.


You have options for how to store your records. If you will need access to your records, especially if many different people need to access them, you should store your records electronically. Records that simply need to wait out their life cycle are perfect for offsite storage.


An electronic storage system allows you to have your documents password protected so you can control who has access to them.

Records stored in an offsite facility are under lock and key where the only people who can access them are approved by you.


Every industry (and each state) has regulations for tracking and retention periods. A Records Information Management system can assure you are in compliance.

Destroy or Preserve

Destruction is the end of a record’s life cycle. Many storage facilities offer shredding on site for convenience. But you could use a mobile shredding service or an offsite shredding service if your storage facility doesn’t provide for destruction.

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