Large-Format Scanning: Not Just Convenient, But Cost-Efficient

Save money with large-format scanning

Organizing and using paper documents can be a hassle. This is especially true with large documents like maps or architectural drawings. Searching through large documents can take lots of time, and storing them takes up a lot of space.

Scanning your large documents with large-format scanning is a way to avoid these problems. Scanning your large documents allows you to conveniently store them digitally, making document retrieval and organization a breeze.

How Large-Format Scanning Saves Money

Large-format scanning can save you money through three main things:  space, resources, and increasing efficiency to save you time.


Perhaps most importantly, large-format scanning can save you time. If you have your documents scanned, you can take advantage of the time-saving features of managing your documents digitally.

One of the biggest benefits is keyword tagging and searching. Using keywords makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in record time.

Since your time is valuable, spending less of it searching for what you need saves you money.

Digitally storing your documents also comes with other advantages, including secure storage and advanced file management tools, like access controls and encryption, depending on your needs.


Scanning can help you be environmentally-conscious and save money at the same time by reducing the number of resources you use. You can easily share and back up drawings, diagrams, and maps without needing to make more copies, reducing the amount of paper you use.

Using large-format scanning services also eliminates the need for additional materials needed for handling the documents (like boxes).


Classroom Documents

Having tons of standard-sized paper documents takes up enough space as it is. With larger documents, including architectural drawings, blueprints, and circuit diagrams, the amount of space required to store them is even larger.

Using a large-format scanning service to scan and digitize your large documents allows you to save space, spending less on storage containers and other materials in the process.

Have Large Documents That Need Scanning?

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