How to Manage Inactive Files

Scan Store or shredding inactive files offsite

It’s critical to have a way to manage inactive files, for both security and accessibility reasons. Just because you may not use these files on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean that they’re no longer important. You never know when something might come up where you’ll need to access those files that you haven’t looked at in a while.

Record Nations offers digital record storage and offsite storage to keep all those inactive documents safe and available for you to view. This is a much easier way to retrieve them, without frantically looking for them around your office.

Store Your Files Digitally

Digital storage is probably the most popular and efficient way to store your inactive files. All the options are easy, convenient, and will increase your employee’s productivity.

Scanning services will give you the opportunity to transform all of your physical documents into digital images. Every image is then indexed to make them easy find using a simple search. Files can also be converted into a format that will make editing easier using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). So, whenever changes need to be made, there’s no hassle.

This creates free space throughout your office, and allows you to finally get rid of those bulky filing cabinets.

Document Management Systems (DMS)

After your documents have been scanned and indexed, you might consider indexing them into a Document Management System (DMS). This software will provide you with quick access, and instant backups for your business’s entire collection of records. DMS provides storage, tagging, security, indexing, and remote retrieval of all your files.

Your inactive files will no longer physically be in the office. They’ll be in the DMS which will save you and your employees time should you need to retrieve them. Searching for files manually can cost you time and money, and cause you unnecessary aggravation. You’ll be able to view digital files in no time with a simple keyword search.

Cloud Storage

Record Nations will help you manage your digital and electronic recordsCloud Storage allows you and your employees to access any documents (including those inactive documents) instantly. After converting your files digitally, you’ll be able to access them from anywhere! You’ll be free to view, edit, and share data quickly, easily, and securely.

While using The Cloud your data will be backed up constantly. Everything stored within the cloud is encrypted before it’s even sent to anyone else.

Cloud storage gives your employees the chance to work collectively on one document, while also giving them the opportunity to work as a team. They can see how their peers work, and collaborate to produce one great document.

As a manager, you can grant or deny employee access to documents as you please. You’ll have complete control over all of your documents, so you can see what edits are being made, as well as when they were made. You can even undo any of the changes if you don’t approve.

What to Do With Physical Copies of Digital Documents

After converting all your documents into digital files, destruction is the best method to ensure no information will be leaked or stolen. Our document destruction service can take those inactive files and turn them into recycled bits and pieces.

Offsite storage gives you the opportunity to store inactive files that you’re not using day-to-day, but that you may need further down the line. Our contractor’s storage facilities will act as a home away from home for all your documents. They’ll be safely stored in a secure and climate-controlled environment that will always be accessible.

Whichever process is best for you, will provide your office with more space and ensure that files are no longer misplaced. With a simple keyword search you’ll be able to locate any digital document within seconds.

Files that are inactive shouldn’t be kept in a filing cabinet. This takes up office space, and increases the chances that they could become lost or misfiled. Inactive files should be managed securely, and our scanning, storage, or destruction services can ensure that they are.

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