Top 10 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach

Companies both large and small are vulnerable to data breaches. Company records, employee files, and information on customers are all coveted bits of data for hackers.

As technology advances, companies are able to collect and retain more and more information, which only creates a larger pool for hackers to steal from.

And the current trend is discouraging—data breaches are on the rise, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.

Luckily, there are steps companies can take to avoid and prevent breaches of their confidential information. This short video from Central Insurance has created a list of the top 10 ways a company can prevent a data breach:

Top 10 Steps to Prevent Data Breaches:

  1. Keep Only What You Need – retain as little information as possible and keep it organized
  2. Safeguard Data – put physical records in a secure storage area and restrict employee access
  3. Destroy Before Disposalshred paper and electronic data before you toss it
  4. Update Procedures – update outdated company procedures and use current tactics
  5. Train Employees – have a written policy about information security and go over it with everyone
  6. Control Computer Usage – restrict usage, limit file sharing, and block inappropriate websites
  7. Secure All Computers – use a strong password and implement a latency log out period
  8. Use Security Software – security software is constantly getting better—keep it current
  9. Encrypt Data Transmission – don’t send sensitive information over an unsafe network
  10. Manage Portable Media – portable data storage devices should be managed and the data encrypted in case it falls into the wrong hands

These are tactics that both small and large companies can and should implement. Following these steps will greatly reduce the risk of having private company information stolen. It’s important companies do everything in their power to prevent data breaches and business identity theft.

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It is a company’s responsibility to keep the information it collects secure. Whether it’s customer related, employee related, or business related, it’s the company’s duty to keep it safe.

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