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Record Nations Concord partners with local scanning professionals that use top-of-line equipment to accurately scan your files and convert paper documents to digital files. Digitizing your documents with document scanning services protects your assets and makes collaboration simple.  

Our scanning services can be customized to match your needs. Whether you need to digitize a single department, a few documents, or your entire medical practice; we have services for you. 

Get your documents organized, indexed, and accessible with document scanning services. 

How Document Scanning Services Work

Document scanning uses a physical document, drawing, or schematic and turns it into a digital file. Our advanced scanners create crystal-clear images that are indexed for quick search and sharing capabilities. 

Finding and collaborating on documents becomes super easy, increasing productivity and efficiently in the workplace. Record Nations prides itself on making your daily operations run smoothly. We will also help you with the following steps to make scanning as easy as possible:

  • We remove bindings to prepare documents for scanning.
  • We determine between single and double-sided documents and scan as necessary.
  • We can index by page or by entire document, whichever you choose.
  • We offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allowing you to edit your documents. 
  • We put your converted files on the medium of your choice; including CDs, DVDs, or cloud storage.
  • We can accommodate special requests, just give us the details when you request a free quote by calling (925) 948-0509 or filling out the form. 

Document Scanning ServicesHow to Count Your Documents

Knowing the number of pages you have to scan can be helpful in determining the price and specifications of your shredding project. 

To get an estimate of how many pages you have, count your files or the number of inches your papers take up on a shelf. 

A standard banker’s box (12.5″W x 15.5″D x 10.5″H) can fit 2,000 to 2,500 sheets of paper. A larger file box (15″W x 24″D x 10.5″H) can hold 4,000 to 4,500 sheets of paper. On a shelf, you can typically fit 150 to 200 sheets of paper per inch. Multiple those numbers by the number of boxes, files, or inches you have. 

Keep in mind that the number will vary depending on the thickness of your paper, how tightly packed your pages are, and the brand of file folders or boxes. 

The Cost of Document Scanning in Concord

Document scanning is an affordable service, but price can vary widely based on a number of factors. Typically, scanning companies charge per page. The more pages you have, the lower your price per page will be.

Other specifications that can affect your overall price are: 

  • Specialized scanning with OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed, etc. 
  • Expedited turnaround time
  • Double-sided documents
  • Specific systems, file types, and special requirements

Please contact us for an accurate price estimate for your project. 

Contact us for Free Quotes on Document Scanning Services in Concord

If you need help determining the specifications of your scanning project, we are happy to help. Call us at (925) 948-0509 or fill out the form. Our expert representatives can answer your questions and connect you with local providers to get your scanning services started today. 

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