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Safeguarding personal and financial information is not only required by law, but can save you from identity theft, fraud, and other abuses of information. All documents containing even a small amount of personal information should be shredded to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Record Nations Farmington offers secure shredding services for all of your shredding needs.

Contact us by calling (573) 621-3176 or filling out the form. We will connect you with local providers within minutes. Our services are not only convenient and affordable, but they make it easy to including shredding as a part of your regular routine.

Farmington Document Shredding Services

Selecting a shredding service is easy. You should consider the amount of shredding you have and the level of security you require. We offer several options to meet your individual needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Our shredding options include:

  • Drop off locations: This service is best for small shredding projects under 100 pounds of paper. You can drop off your documents to any location, at your convenience. 
  • Mobile shredding: This service is best for mid-sized shredding projects of 100 to 300 pounds. We come to your location and shred your documents in a mobile shred truck. Witnessed shredding is available with this service. 
  • Off site shredding: This service is best for large shredding projects of 300+ pounds. We pick up your documents and take them to a local facility for destruction.

Record Nations makes it a priority to maintain legal compliance for businesses across all industries. Our shredding services follow all federal and state privacy laws, as well as HIPAA and FACTA regulations.

Farmington Hard Drive Shredding and Degaussing

You may not know how to properly dispose of old electronic devices and hard drives. Throwing them in the regular trash is not only illegal, but risky. Hackers can recover valuable information from your devices, even if they have been erased. 

Record Nations offers several destruction methods to safely dispose of your hard drives. Our methods are permanent and effective. We offer:

  • Hard Drive Shredding: This method is the most secure option for destroying hard drives. It uses exhaustive methods to take apart your devices, shred the hard drives, and recycle the remaining materials. Your hard drives will be reduced to tiny pieces, making recovery impossible.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing: This method uses machines with powerful magnets to scramble your files into unrecognizable data. It makes your data very difficult to recover.  
  • Hard Drive Crushing: This method crushes and pokes holes into your drives. It shatters the platters, making your data irretrievable.

Prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands with destruction services from Record Nations Farmington. Our services are secure, certified, and include recycling.

Farmington Incineration Services

Incineration is a non-traditional destruction method that uses heat and fire to dispose of your documents and media. The process is completed in our waste-to-energy facilities, making it an environmentally conscious choice for destruction..

Our incineration services include:

  • Paper incineration
  • Media incineration
  • Product incineration
  • Backup incineration

Our services are compliant with all applicable privacy laws and regulations set by the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense concerning the destruction of classified media.

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Protect your personal and business information with Record Nations Farmington. Our expert providers will dispose of your documents and media with professionalism and care. Contact us by calling (573) 621-3176 or filling out the form. We will send you free, personalized quotes on your destruction project within minutes.

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