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Converting documents into a digital format could not be any easier with our method. Record Nations will match you with a local provider that best fits your scanning needs. Hiring a Document scanning service provider can help save you time and money in the long run.

Our Nashville partners can handle any sized document scanning project and we can get you connected with a local provider in no time at all. Our document scanning services include indexing and document conversion.

If you have an idea of what you need, or if don’t see exactly what you want, fill out the form or give us a call at (615) 933-4833.

How Nashville Document Scanning Services WorkLarge Format Scanning

Through our network of providers, we provide high quality and consistent imaging services. This works for any sized conversion project, so go ahead and give us a call. We will match you with the best provider in Nashville.

We can scan all kinds of documents, maps, architectural sketches, drawings, or schematics that are virtually any size. If you’re concerned with security, or don’t want to chance to send critical documents offsite we also offer mobile scanning services.

Here are the steps we take to assist you with your Nashville-based scanning project:

  • We remove bindings on your documents and prep them to be scanned.
  • We determine if you need single or double-sided documents scanned-our experts can handle either to convert them to digital documents.
  • Do you need your documents indexed to make them easier to find later? We offer indexing for every page or entire documents for virtually any document management system.
  • If you want to include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we can convert your documents to editable text that can be modified later, which gives you the ability to change them at will.
  • Once your document conversion project is complete, we can put newly converted files on any medium that you choose, including CDs, DVDs, or even send them to a Cloud Storage Service.

If everything above seems to fit with what you’re looking for, we can create a free custom quote for your project. So, submit a FREE quote by filling out the form to the left, or give us a call at (615) 933-4833. Be sure to mention any special considerations or requirements for your project.

How to Count the Number of Documents You For Your Scanning Project in NashvilleStudent records storage options

If you have your files in standard bankers boxes (12.5″W x 15.5″D x 10.5″H), you can fit 2,000 to 2,500 sheets of paper in each box depending on the thickness of the paper and file folders you have. Large file boxes (15″W x 24″D x 10.5″H) can hold 4000 to 4500 sheets of paper.

You can also estimate the number of pages/boxes you have on a shelf. On average, you can figure that you’ll have around 150 to 200 sheets per inch of space on your shelf or in your cabinet.

If your documents are packed loosely, you need one standard banker’s box for every 13” to 16” of space on your shelves. If you can’t fit one more piece of paper on your shelf, you should need one standard banker’s box for every 10” to 12” of space.

Although this is an approximate number, it will give the best idea of how many boxes you have and how many sheets you need will need to scan.

What is the Cost for Nashville Document Scanning Services?

Most scanning providers charge by the page for the services, and the prices can vary between 7-12 cents per page. This is a general estimate, but, for the best quote, give us a call at (615) 933-4833 or fill out the form to the left. 

Additionally, it depends on the where you’re located, how much you have, and which company you select for your project. Also, it is important to factor in factor in what you want to do with your documents after being scanned. Record Nations can help you through that process as well, including shredding and storage.

The quote is affected by a number of different things:

  • Are you looking for a certain kind of scanning (OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed)?
  • What are the time-frames you are targeting to start or complete the project?
  • How many pages do you need to scan- are they double-sided?
  • If you have a specific system you need to use, it affects the overall cost depending on the file types as well as specific requirements to integrate the system.

Price per page is just one aspect of the project, and other requirements can change the price significantly. Therefore, we’ll be sure to offer you all the information we have to make sure you get the service you need.

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Record Nations Nashville has decades of experience in document scanning and document management. To get started with your scanning project anywhere in Nashville area today, fill out the form or give us a call at (615) 933-4833You will receive free, non-obligatory quotes shortly to help you select the contractor that fits your situation and your office best.

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