10 Reasons Why Records Management Outsourcing Makes Sense

Records Storage Room

With the current world economy driving organizations towards greater globalization and digitization, the challenges of competitive advantage grow steadily more complex.  Outsourcing is one proven path to reducing costs while making room for a greater focus on core competencies.  And in few areas can outsourcing be more effective than in the arena of digital records management. Because digital scanning is repetitive, and records management is scalable, advances in technology and automation have been a boon, paving the way for smart, profit-oriented companies to outsource these tasks to professional firms and earn better value for in-house staffing expenditures.

Here are the 10 reasons to use records management outsourcing

    1. Cost Savings – Outsourcing cuts costs while reducing employee workload. With no upfront costs for equipment, training or staff, outsourcing is an attractive records management solution.
    2. Time Savings – Your staff is busy with daily operations. What will happen to efficiency, productivity and morale if key support personnel must stop to scan hundreds or thousands of documents into a records management system that is not well understood? Outsourcing to a professional digital scanning firm frees up staff to continue productivity and profit-building.
    3. Reduced Training Costs – When internal staff is inexperienced or untrained in the use of software or systems, time and money are wasted. Outsourcing brings new dimensions to business management for better overall performance and a reduced investment in staffing and training.
    4. Short-Term Flexibility – When short term projects are on the horizon, many businesses scramble to fill the need, squandering resources in the process. When you choose to outsource occasional or seasonal digital scanning or records management tasks, your business environment remains flexible enough to absorb additional projects, with none of the inherent hassle.
    5. Access to Amazing Technology – Outsourcing to a document management firm creates immediate access to some of the best and brightest professionals and most current technologies for getting the job done efficiently and affordably.
    6. Streamlined Processes РOutsourcing records management streamlines your business processes and helps to focus your strategy on gaining a competitive advantage.
    7. Better Compliance – No matter how tight your business processes, human error can still occur. Outsourcing your digital scanning and records management needs creates an automated compliance system that reduces the need for human follow-up.
    8. Improved Accuracy – Did someone say deadlines? With outsourcing of your records management, deadlines are met with greater accuracy and turnaround times improve.
    9. Technology – Equipment is expensive, to say nothing of the costs of specialized software, staffing and training. Why invest when you can outsource to a professional digital records management company with all the technology and training in place?
    10. Risk Mitigation – A proven high-quality project management system and a tried-and-true records management process can mitigate your outsourcing risks and assist with governmental compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley.

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