The Difference Between Digitizing & Imaging Documents

Is there a difference between digitizing & imaging documents?When converting to a paperless office, there’s a lot of different terms that companies use to define the actual process.

Sometimes they call it document imaging; other times it’s document scanning.  There’s even some companies that call it digitizing your documents, or document conversion.

The internet tends to make things confusing, because people search for the same thing in many different ways.

Document scanning and document conversion seem pretty self-explanatory- you’re taking a document and either physically scanning it to a digital version, or converting it from one media (tape backup, paper, microfiche, etc) to a digital format,

The odd thing is that there IS a slight difference between digitizing your documents and imaging them- although the term is used interchangeably by the industry and by potential customers.

Digitizing A Document

digitizing a documentTechnically, digitizing your documents is taking a hard-copy document and converting it to text.

Most of the time, you use a program or a service that provides Optical Character Recognition, which allows you to manipulate certain parts (or all of) the document.  You can also use digitized documents for materials that need to be redacted.

Digitizing your documents also allows your document management system (DMS) to index your files, making them easier to retrieve and maintain because all text is indexed and searchable.

Most of the time, if you’re looking to digitize your documents, it might be better to utilize a company that specializes in scanning documents to an DDMS to avoid the headaches of setting up and managing the indexing and organization of your files.

Imaging A Document

document scanning servicesDocument imaging is still a form of conversion, and the process is virtually the same- you’re taking a version of something and creating a digital copy of it.

The main difference is that this version of the document is literally an image- something that can be accessed digitally, but not necessarily manipulated easily.

This could be as simple as taking a picture of a document with your cell phone and storing it on your computer.

Although this type of document scanning is handy if you need something quickly, it might be less useful in the long-term due to the fact that it might not be as easy to index or find specific documents without a specific file naming system.

Advantages of Digitizing or Imaging a Document

Competitive Advantage ConceptNow that you understand the difference between digitizing a document vs. imaging it, let’s think about some of the ways either type of service can help your business.

We talk at length about the benefits of document scanning in this article, but here’s some of the main reasons to utilize a document scanning service:

It saves you time

Turnaround TimeInstead of spending your time digging through files to find what you need, digitizing it will make the process easier and less time-consuming, saving your employees time and you labor.

It frees up space

offsite records storage saves spaceThe less paperwork you have on hand, the less cluttered and disorganized your office will be.  You can also streamline processes, eliminate waste from endless copying, and all but eliminate duplication and accidental distribution of outdated files.

It gives you an off-site backup instantly in case of a Natural Disaster

Data information backup storage folder concept illustration

If disaster strikes, all of the records that hold your company together might be destroyed- having digital copies stored offsite will give you the ability to get back on your feet quickly if you had a fire, flood, or any other type of disaster.

You can access it anywhere

Easy access with digital document storageHave you ever forgotten an important document at home?  Digitizing documents and storing them on a cloud storage service gives you the ability to access that document with any device that’s connected to the internet.

It saves you money

emr-systems-cost-too-much-moneyYou don’t have to spend money on storage space, and your employees will save valuable time by not having to try and find misfiled documents.

Everybody knows that time = money.

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