Bad Records Management: Consequences and Solutions

Records management is an often overlooked and underrated procedure at many businesses.

While a strong, well-thought-out records management process can make organizations efficient and effective, bad records management can lead to messy and incomprehensible workspaces, irritable employees, and the loss of information.

Poor records management can cripple a company—halting efficiency, sucking up precious time, and causing unnecessary stress for employees. Record Nations helps companies experiencing the symptoms of poor records management find solutions.

Symptoms of Bad Records Management

These are all signs that your company needs to make a change and ramp up document management efforts:

  • Stacks of paperwork grow faster than documents can be filed away
  • Sharing and disseminating files is cumbersome
  • Paperwork storage takes up too much office space
  • Documents are misfiled and take a significant amount of time to find and retrieve

Consequences of Bad Records Management

Over time, poor records management can lead to these systemic issues:

  • Excessive amounts of time is wasted sorting through messy filing cabinets
  • Valuable office space is used to store paperwork, forcing the company to pay premium prices for document storage
  • Files are misplaced, buried, and lost
  • Communication between coworkers erodes
  • Employee stress levels rise as their ability to find and share information becomes unnecessarily challenging

How to Solve a Case of Bad Records Management

Depending on your company’s unique needs, there are a variety of solutions to bad records management issues.

Switch to the Cloud

Cloud storage services are flexible and convenient. There is a huge trend towards using cloud storage because files stored in the cloud are easily accessible from anywhere, and storage options can easily be increased as your company grows.

Use a DMS

If you manage a large amount of digital files, a document management system is a framework within which you can better organize your files to meet your business needs. With features that help you name, sort, organize, code, retrieve, share, and secure your files, a DMS will help you manage a large volume of digital files simply and safely.

Store Records Off Site

If you company still handles physical paperwork, off-site records storage services free up precious office space. Store records that need to be kept but not frequently accessed at an off-site facility. Facility storage space costs less than in-office storage space, and they are secure, climate controlled, and can deliver your files whenever you need them.

Find a Records Management Solution that Meets Your Needs

Whether your company could benefit from going digital, moving old records off site, or just ramping up your current document management strategy, Record Nations can help.

We partner with a nationwide network of professional document management providers who help thousands of companies find solutions that increase office efficiencies every day.

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