Document Scanning and Cloud Storage – How to Make the Transition

cloud storage and backup systemsTransitioning from a paper based records system to a cloud based records system can be a daunting task. However, document scanning and cloud storage providers can make the process simple.

So, if you think you’re ready to make the jump, how do you start?

First, it’s important to find the right document management company to help you through the transition. Often these companies provide both document scanning and cloud storage services, making life easier for you.

There are many reputable document management companies out there that have decades of experience moving other companies from paper documents to the cloud. This partnership can save you countless hours and money.

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents for Scanning and Cloud Storage

Once you have chosen a partner document management company, the next step is to prepare the documents for scanning.

This involves removing any foreign objects from the paper such as paper clips, staples, index tabs, etc. When the scanning process begins it is important that there are no hiccups as thousands of documents per minute will be scanned and indexed.

Step 2: Scanning and Indexing Your Documents

Next, the actual scanning and indexing of documents will begin. Depending on how many documents you have, this could take days or weeks. Typically the document scanning process uses OCR to read, index and categorize documents into the proper place within a database on the cloud. The scanning process is the most crucial in the process when moving to the cloud. It will set up the documents for future reference by the employees of the business.

Step 3: Select a Document Management Software

Now that all of the documents are scanned and indexed, it will be important to choose the proper document management software so that employees can access the information on the documents and collaborate with the documents in the future.

For security and ease of use, many modern document management software systems allow you to set your own access permissions for different departments or individuals in the organization. It ensures that employees only possess access to documents they need for their work, minimizing the chances of a data breach.

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