Document Shredding: An Essential Part of Your Document Management Plan

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All companies should have a comprehensive document management plan to help keep their organization tidy and efficient.

Document management procedures encompass a variety of elements including managing active files, delegating file access, creating and educating employees on document retention schedules, and outlining document disposal techniques.

A healthy and sustainable document management plan will provide clear steps for employees, outlining exactly how to handle paperwork at every stage in its life cycle.

At the end of a document’s lifespan, companies can choose to store inactive files onsite or offsite, or to destroy and toss them. Here we’ll focus on the document destruction process.

Document Destruction

All business documents have an expiration date after which they should be destroyed.

Besides that, as you transition to electronic document management, you should shred your scanned papers so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

To keep offices organized and private business information safe, every business should have a go-to document destruction process.

Simply throwing away old files without destroying them can get a company in serious trouble. According to several laws, including HIPAA and FACTA, businesses are responsible for keeping the private information of employees and customers safe.

Here are some guidelines for integrating document shredding into your document management plan:

Document Destruction Services Guide

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