Medical Records Management in Dale City, VA

medical Record scanning and storage

Medical providers know the importance of protecting private health information for their patients. They must be careful when selecting a company for medical records scanning and medical records storage to ensure their records will stay confidential throughout handling, processing, and storage. 

Record Nations safeguards your records with HIPAA and HITECH-compliant services. Our full-service scanning and storage options include advanced security features, safe handling, and consistent results. We create clear, accurate digital files and store your documents with easy retrieval as needed. 

Preparing Medical Records for Scanning

Privacy regulations continue to evolve and change as technology in the medical field advances. Scanning services help you stay up-to-date and in compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws. The use of digital files and an Electronic Health Records System (EHR) makes managing patient files easier and improves security to protect sensitive information.  

Begin your medical records scanning project by following these simple steps:

  1. Call (703) 253-7297 or fill out the form. Let us know the number of records you would like to scan and the level of detail you want for each file. 
  2. Within a few minutes, local medical record scanning providers will contact you with free quotes on your project. 
  3. Choose a provider that best fits your needs and begin scanning. 

Medical Records Storage Services

Digital conversion reduces the amount of physical storage you will need, saving you space and money. Some physical storage will be needed to preserve files that cannot be digitized or must be retained for legal purposes. Medical record storage services offer a secure storage space for these files. 

We will protect your documents with climate control, disaster protection, and 24/7 monitoring. You will be able to set custom security levels and control access as needed. Record Nations will keep your files safe with our reliable storage options. 

Medical Records Custodian

When a Dale City healthcare facility closes, a custodian; a person or company, is appointed to manage the patient records. Each state has different rules and guidelines for how long a record needs to be stored, Virginia is dependent on the type of provider. 

Custodians of medical records can store physical copies in a secure storage facility or scan the documents and store them electronically using an EMR system. With either option, patient records must be readily available upon request. Failure to produce forms could result in fines or penalties.

Record Nations can help you find a local provider to manage your records, release needed information and destroy the records after the retention period.  

Protect Your Patients’ Medical Records Today!

Record Nations is trusted by healthcare providers across the country for their medical record scanning and storage needs. We will keep you in legal compliance while delivering high-quality services in Dale City and the surrounding areas. Call us at (703) 253-7297 or fill out the form to receive free quotes on services near you. 

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