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Document Storage Services

Document storage services help you manage your digital and physical files. We have many storage options that can be combined to cover all of your storage needs. Whether you need to clean out your filling cabinets, convert to cloud storage, or setup document system software; we have solutions for you.

We understand that critical business operations take priority and it can be difficult to find the time to prioritize document management. However, once your documents are organized and easy to find you will see improvement in every area of your business.

Our Storage Services 

Physical Document Storage

Physical document storage allows you to move files to an offsite storage facility. Our storage facilities protect your documents from environmental damage with fireproofing, climate control, and flood protection. We have constant video monitoring, live patrol, and advanced security systems. 

We partner with local storage providers that are compliant and secure. They allow you to access your documents at any time and help you manage security levels for your employees to limit or permit access as needed. 

Cloud Storage and Services

Cloud storage and services store your records digitally. Our advanced security protects your information with encrypted services, two-factor authentication, and password protection. You never have to worry about reaching space limits, as your storage capacity will grow and shrink based on your data entry.

The organization is another benefit of cloud services and storage. You can easily find documents with a simple keyword search. Remote access is just a click away, no matter where you are. 

Document Management System Software (DMS) 

Document Storage Services

Document management systems create a collaborative work environment. Indexing, tagging, and scanning with OCR helps set you up with the right foundation for document management. 

You and your employees will be able to access and edit documents remotely to increase productivity while reducing errors and redundancies.

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