Document Shredding & Hard Drive Destruction in Orlando, FL

Document Shredding & Destruction Orlando, FLProtecting your company and employee information is crucial in today’s world of cyber threats and data breaches. Document shredding and hard drive destruction services do just that. Properly destroying documents that have been scanned or are past their required retention time is a great way to reduce your legal liability and benefit your document storage needs.

Record Nations can help you with your entire document management plan, including the final phase of document shredding and hard drive destruction. 

Our Document Shredding Services

Record Nations is partnered with local document shredding experts. We offer mobile shredding (shredding comes to you) or offsite shredding (we pick up your shredding) and can help you to:

  • Set up a program to provide a weekly, monthly, or yearly shredding service
  • Shred your documents after you scan them
  • Manage and destroy inactive documents past their required retention period
  • Cleanup and disposal of non-relevant documents in storage before starting your scanning project or choose to store your documents in offsite storage

Our Hard Drive Destruction Services

Only after a hard drive is completely destroyed is it rendered safe from criminals. Hackers and identity thieves can sometimes still access old, previously erased information from obtained hard drives and other electronic devices.

Record Nations offers several ways to reliably destroy your electronics, including:

  • Hard Drive Shredding– Have your hard drives picked up in a secure bin and shredded into pieces that eliminate the chance of extracting data from the platters inside the drive.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing– Our local professionals use machines with high-powered magnets to scramble the information on your drives, making it impossible to recover or retrieve any files.
  • Hard Drive Crushing- We punch a hole and crush the drive, shattering the platters and making them completely unrecoverable.

Protect Your Data With Document Shredding & Destruction Services Today!

Record Nations is dedicated to keeping your information safe through proper destruction services. We also offer a certificate of destruction that details the time and location of the destruction process. To receive your free quotes in just minutes, fill out the form or give us a call at (407) 283-7054.

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