Document Shredding & Destruction Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee FL Document ShreddingThe lifecycle of a typical office file doesn’t end when it’s correctly filed. Documents expire over time as their information becomes outdated. The responsible way to handle these outdated documents is to destroy them before you toss them.

Destroying your documents not only protects your confidential business and customer information, but it will help free up space in your office. We offer several different types of document destruction to help you keep your private information private.

Every destruction technique follows all federal and Florida information privacy guidelines. Here are a few of our top destruction services—to learn more give us a call at (850) 909-3001.

Document Shredding Services in Tallahassee, FL

Shredding old files is a tried-and-true way to protect physical data. Record Nations Tallahassee will help you find the shredding provider in Leon County who can best meet your needs, whether you require onsite shredding or offsite services. Our partners will:

  • Set up a program to provider weekly, monthly, or annual shredding services
  • Scan your documents before you shred them
  • Shred documents past their retention schedule
  • Clean out and shred old documents before you start your scanning projects, and store the files you need to keep

The best way to protect your business, employees, and customers is to destroy your documents before they get into the wrong hands, and Record Nations Tallahassee’s shredding solutions will get the job done.

Hard Drive Shredding and Degaussing in Tallahassee

Simply deleting files off of a hard drive does not make that information inaccessible to thieves. The only way to ensure data stored electronically is gone is to physically destroy your device.

Record Nations Tallahassee partners with FL providers who use several techniques to destroy hard drives:

  • Hard Drive Shredding – Hard drives can be sent through an industrial shredder. The process is similar to how paper is shredded, and your hard drives are shredded to unrecoverable bits.
  • Hard Drive Crushing – A hole is punched into the center of the hard drive, effectively shattering the platters and making them completely unreadable.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing – Machines containing high-powered magnets are used to scramble the data on your hard drives making the information totally indecipherable.

Each of these strategies will completely destroy your hard drive, making any information once stored on the device indecipherable. Get FREE quotes on hard drive destruction services near you today!

Tallahassee Incineration Services

Incineration is an environmentally friendly way to destroy paper files and electronic devices. Record Nations Tallahassee has several waste-to-energy facilities across Florida that can incinerate virtually anything your business produces. Our contractors can destroy:

  • Paper
  • Backup Tapes
  • Media
  • Products
  • And More

The incineration process has the same secure chain-of-custody as other destruction processes, ensuring your media and data is totally destroyed. Let Record Nations Tallahassee help you find a local, reliable information destruction provider near you.

Get Free Quotes on Document Destruction Services in Tallahassee

Document and data destruction is an important step in the lifecycle of a file. Old files that you no longer need should not be taking up space in your filing cabinet (digital or physical). Remove them and destroy the trail with our secure destruction services.

We will match you with a provider who offers exactly what you need. Call us today at (850) 909-3001 or fill out the form to get free quotes from providers in your area.

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