What to Look For in a Records Storage Facility

Have your important business files been taking up too much space in your office? Rather than allowing the amount of paperwork to take over, an offsite records storage facility is a great way to eliminate the stacks of paper from your space while still being able to retain paper copies of your documents.

Offsite records storage facilities are beneficial in other ways as well. Your documents will be kept safe in case there’s a natural disaster. You’ll be able to access and/or retrieve stored files at any time with a quick phone call to your facility.

It is important to find the storage facility that is going to work well with your needs, and figuring out which one to choose can become overwhelming when you don’t know what to look for.


Which Records Storage Facility Do I Choose?


There are different companies that are able to handle your document management process for you. To help with your decision, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Rotation- Some companies require certain guidelines when it comes to their records management process, such as preserving the integrity of the documents by rotating them regularly. If you are going to need your files rotated on a regular basis, you need trecords storageo make sure that your facility offers rotation services. This way, you can be confident that your documents will be properly handled without having to use any of your own time.
  • Climate control- Over time, your files can become damaged if they are being stored in the wrong environment. Rather than taking the chance, there are climate-controlled facilities that will prevent this from happening. Your documents will be kept safe regardless of how long you are storing them.
  • Disaster Protection- In case of any natural disasters occurring, you will want to make sure that your documents will be kept safe. Your records storage facility should be prepared for this type of situation so that you will have peace of mind in knowing that even if a hurricane or an earthquake occurred, your building will be able to handle the elements.
  • Reliability- Most importantly, you want to work with a reliable facility that will handle your records securely. For example, ask yourself specific questions about the facility, such as whether or not they offer 24-hour security, and whether or not they monitor who is allowed access to the facility. Make sure that the facility you choose is one that you can trust, and you will never have to worry about whether or not your information is being properly maintained.

If you are searching for a better way to store your important business documents, an offsite storage facility can take care of everything for you. Record Nations can help get you connected with the best facility anywhere you are throughout the United States!


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