Choosing a Document Management Software

The management of electronic documents is controlled by EDMS (Electronic Document Management Software), which centralizes the storage of large volumes of documents and simplifies file and image retrieval from any computer connected to the EDMS system. Microsoft SharePoint Server, Filestream, and Version One are types of document management software. To ensure security, access rights can be granted, and metadata assists in file management. EDMS may be client-server (installed on the user’s network) or ASP (application service provider, installed at the software provider’s premises, and accessed remotely by the user via web-based interface or custom application.)

If you choose to outsource your document management system via ASP, your employees will access documents remotely. This is a safe, secure method of document management that improves document storage, retrieval and collaboration times.

How Does OCR Fit into EDMS?

Most document imaging systems incorporate OCR (optical character recognition), a method of digitizing printed documents so that they can be searched electronically, cataloged  stored compactly, displayed via computer, and so forth. Busy companies who outsource their document management needs to a company like Record Nations appreciate the improved workflow efficiency afforded by EDMS with OCR.

Imagine 2 employees in a today’s bustling modern office: employee 2 must make quick changes to an invoice, but finds herself waiting for employee 1 to complete another invoice task first. Because EDMS with OCR allows for speedy document control and record changes, and can display document changes as well as restrict document access, these common daily workflow tasks are carried out with greater efficiency and accuracy. As well, EDMS integrates beautifully into email, spreadsheet and other applications.

Why Outsourcing Document Management is a Wise Choice

Document management systems help companies conform to stringent security and records-keeping rules many industries and corporations must enforce under the law. The professional document management partners of Record Nations can help you:

  • Navigate the maze of laws, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Improve your records management processes
  • Set up systems to achieve compliance and reduce compliance costs
  • Maintain an affordable document storage solution

Why sidetrack your core business productivity when Record Nations can get you the staff, equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to produce exact results that can be had every time, on every project, with less burden on your staff’s time and energy? Outsource to Record Nations with complete confidence, knowing your scanning project will be completed on time, within budget and always with the highest quality results.

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