Document Shredding & Hard Drive Destruction in Memphis, TN

Document Shredding & Destruction Memphis, TNProperly shredding your documents is key to preventing any sort of identity theft. Record Nations has helped you turn all your documents into digital files, and now we can offer you document shredding and hard drive destruction services to ensure that you will not be the victim of identity theft.

Destroying all your documents will also open a lot of space in your office, filing cabinets, and messy boxes are no longer needed. Connect with your local document destruction service provider.

Our Document Shredding Services

Your items can be picked up and shredded at a secure offsite facility, or a truck with a built-in shredder can come to your location to shred onsite. We will help you:

  • Set up a program to provide weekly, monthly, or annual shredding services
  • Shred your documents once they’re scanned
  • Dispose of inactive documents past their retention schedule
  • Clean up your storage room before you scan your files, and shred or store old files offsite

Our Hard Drive Destruction Services

  • Hard Drive Shredding- Contractors can pick up your hard drives in secure bins and shredded into pieces, eliminating the chance of extracting data from the platters inside the drive.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing- Local professionals use machines with high-powered magnets to scramble the information on your drives, making it impossible to recover or retrieve any files.
  • Hard Drive Crushing- We punch a hole and crush the drive, shattering the platters, and making them completely unrecoverable.

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