Records Storage, Security, and Organization

Box Storage & Records ManagementEven with the migration to a paperless office, paper files and documents are still a large part of business workflow today. Mandated retention times for tax, insurance and legal purposes have created a need for a way for companies to store and manage inactive files better. That’s where secure records storage management companies can help your business.

Store inactive files that need to be held onto for business or legal reasons at an offsite storage facility that can store and retrieve documents whenever your business needs them!

Use this records storage resource center to learn more about managing paper documents, from document management services and storage to the precautions a professional document management company takes to ensure your documents are secure and protected.

We also discuss some of the best ways to protect your files through encryption and security, and highlight some of the best practices and tips for starting, maintaining, and optimizing a system that allows you to store files either onsite at your office, or offsite in a secure facility.

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Records Storage and Management Tips

Records management selecting best record storage serviceUse these tips to help your business organize their records storage better, and optimize their document management.  

We’ll help you develop a plan to manage file properly and discuss some required steps to maintain your hard-copy storage.

Records Management Security

Paper documents are one of the most difficult things to keep track of in your office.

Here are some ways to shore up your records storage security and ensure that your company is protected from corporate espionage, identity theft, and fraud.

Records and Document Management

This section provides general information on records storage and records management.  

Read about some of the higher-level concepts related to record storage, legal implications of document storage, and some additional resources you can use to understand RIM better.

Encryption Techniques—Protection From External Threats

storing managing protecting electronic records encryption cloud electronic dmsLearn all about increasing security and protecting your company from hackers and industrial espionage by increasing and installing proper encryption on your internal and outward-facing networks.

Records Management Blog Posts

Our experts keep on top of the latest trends and provide tips and information on record storage, document management, and records management security.  Read our most recent posts here!

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