Document Management System Integration to Current Setup

Document Management System (DMS) Record Nations

If you are finding that your work productivity is slow and collaborating on projects between your employees seems inefficient, it may be time to switch over to a document management system (DMS).

With an electronic DMS in place, all your files and records are stored in an all-encompassing program that allows them to be accessed, filed, edited, and removed, all in one place.

You’ll find that an optimized system for your documents not only cuts the time it takes to communicate on a project between staff, but also enforces a rigid and trustworthy system to keep your filing system organized and in compliance with any industry regulations that your company may follow.

Record Nations DMSConnecting DMS to Your Current System

Configuring an electronic DMS to fit into your business’ current system is rather simple.

The first option for implementing a DMS is to take all your current files and transferring them into the DMS database so that all your records are stored in one place. Your current files can be converted with a document scanning service for physical copies, or a software can be used to import your digital files.

The second option is to keep your current files separate and begin with your new files using the DMS. This would only be viable in case in which your current files are not needed in day-to-day operations or for any future projects.

In either case, your DMS will be fully integrated into your business with customization features that can be added that will help organize your documents based on specified needs. These can include an intricate filing system to help you pull data or documents quickly, or even an added security measure which allows access to specific employees or based on level of authority.

The infographic below illustrates the ease of converting to an electronic DMS in three, easy steps:

Record Nations DMS

Finding the Right DMS For Your Business

Depending on your industry, different DMS are capable of handling a myriad of necessary features.

Important factors to keep in mind when choosing a DMS include:

  • Required security of files (usually based on your industry)
  • Document tagging/indexing
  • Levels of access/restriction for employees
  • Scalability of software
  • Retention periods for your documents
  • Pricing and project completion time requirements

Record Nations works with locally-based and operated document management companies with decades of experience in records management. We have worked with virtually every industry and can keep you updated on the latest trends in DMS and what works best for your type of business.

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