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Document scanning is one of the first steps in a document management project. There is a push for going paperless and transforming into a digital community. This can help to increase productivity as well as free up space.

Record Nations can help provide assistance in finding local companies that can help with many document conversion project. Our partners have the tools and experience to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

We realize every project is different which is why we offer unique solutions depending on the exact needs of the project. We will help you find a solution for your needs.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page, call us at (559) 339-0572 or fill out the form. We will be in contact with you within minutes to discuss your needs and connect you to local scanning companies.

How Record Nations Fresno’s Document Scanning Services Work

The key components of a successful scanning project are quality, consistency, and accuracy. Our Fresno professionals can scan and index your documents quickly and correctly for a fair price.

Our partners use state-of-the-art equipment to scan your documents so the images are crisp, clear, and easy to manage.

Here’s What Our Local Experts Can Help You Manage Your Scanning Project:

  • They remove bindings, clips, and spirals
  • Easily scan double sided documents
  • They offer flexible indexing—they can index individual pages or a single document
  • They can use OCR technology to create editable text and perform redaction services
  • Your digital files can be configured in whatever format you need
  • They handle custom requests—just give the details when you request a FREE quote

How Much Do Document Scanning Services in Fresno Cost?

The average price to scan one sheet of paper is 7-12 cents. However, this price can vary depending on where you are, how many papers you have to scan, and other services you may need.

It’s critical to know an approximate amount of boxes you may have for the project, this is the best way to get the most accurate quote.

The Estimate of Your Project Depends on Several Factors

  • The type of scanning you are looking for (OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed, etc.)
  • The amount of pages you have to scan
  • The time-frame you need the project completed in
  • They systems you currently have, and whether you need your new documents integrated

After the scanning portion, there is the question as to what to do with the documents. We can help you figure this out along the way.

Get Free Quotes on Document Scanning Services in Fresno

Record Nations Fresno has spent decades partnering with the most secure, reliable scanning companies in California. We will help you find a provider who can handle all of your needs so you can get your project done efficiently from start to finish.

Call us at (559) 339-0572 or fill out the form for free quotes on services from local providers. We look forward to helping get your paperless office project started.

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