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Finding your documents shouldn’t be a hassle. However, sometimes with basic filing systems things can easily become misplaced or even lost, leaving you out of luck when it comes to finding that document. So, address the mess and call Record Nations, we can turn those basic filing systems into successful digital storage systems that will save you the hassle.

Record Nations offers physical document storage, cloud storage and services and document management system software. We collaborate with some of the best document experts in the Madison area and all you need to do is call (262) 368-5034 to get the process started.

Document Storage Services in Madison, WI

Physical Document Storage in Madison

Physical document storage is when we come to your office, pick up your documents and then store them at an offsite, secure, and climate controlled facility. Your documents are available to you whenever you may need them and our facilities can hold any number of documents.

The benefits of physical document storage are having those documents available if, unfortunately, your computers were to crash and the digital files become unavailable. The physical documents will be there for you when work needs to continue and your digital files aren’t accessible. Physically storing your files will also benefit your office space. Filing cabinets and boxes take up a lot of space that can be utilized in other ways, physically storing your documents will make it possible to free up that space.

Madison Cloud Storage and Cloud Services madison-document-storage

Record Nations Madison can scan, tag and index your documents exactly how you’ve always wanted them organized and put them into cloud storage so you can access them anywhere anytime, and so can your employees. Cloud storage will give you the opportunity to have an organized office, free of clutter, and always knowing where your documents are.

Document Management System Software (DMS)

Record Nation knows how easy life is when employees always have access to digital documents. We want to help offices go digital with document management system software. This software will give employees access to documents whenever they please, and even when they are working from home.

Record Nations is aware how often employees work from home so DMS will solve the inconveniences of having to take the time to email, snail mail, or fax documents to employees not present at the office. DMS organizes your digital documents in a way that you can easily find them with a simple keyword search.

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