Streamline Your Business With Electronic Document Management Systems

streamline business using electronic document management systems edmsNow that you’ve finished taking the painstaking steps to converting your office to paperless, the next step to optimizing your company’s recordkeeping process is finding the right software to help integrate and streamline your use of digital documents in your business.  

Generally speaking, companies have two options for managing their electronic records—electronic document management systems (EDMS), or cloud-based storage. Each come with varying pros and cons depending on the type of business and its document management requirements.

In this article, we break down a few of the top ways that incorporating an EDMS into your business can help to maximize the efficiency of your day-to-day work—outlining benefits which range from boosting productivity and cost-efficiency, to shoring up on your document securities.  

Promote Your Productivity and Work Efficiency

work productivity time efficiency electronic record management systemsOne of the greatest advantages to using an electronic document management system over a traditional paper filing system is  the ability for users to quickly and easily store, locate, and access the files and information you need.

Each time a paper document is scanned and added to a business record inventory, the document can be indexed within the system—allowing you to track each and every record from creation to destruction without ever having to worry about misplacing or losing a document in a stack of papers on your desk again.

Besides helping you to keep track of various documents, EDMS indexing also helps to speed up the record retrieval process, as users can use keyword search to quickly sift through an index and return only the documents that match their query (much like a modern search engine).

While organizing paper files into separate file folders will give someone searching for a document a general idea of where it is, a keyword search through the electronic index of your records can tell you exactly where the document is stored.  

Additionally, many electronic document management systems include what are called workflow modules, which help to streamline everyday, menial tasks like distributing memos. Where once time or resources used to be wasted running papers throughout a large and spread-out office, these processes can be instead automated using an EDMS—in turn freeing up precious work-time for your employees.

Step Up On Security

step up security minimize risk electronic document management systems edmsWith stories of major security breaches in companies taking center-stage in news headlines with increasing frequency today, the subject of security has become a more prominent concern in the minds of business owners.  

Using electronic document management systems however, businesses are able to exercise much more control over the security of their records. In comparison to traditional paper record filing systems, the use of an EDMS allows system administrators to control and limit access to documents down to a user-based level—helping to keep sensitive information in the hands of only those who need it.

Electronic document management systems also allow businesses to add an extra layer of security to their documents. While a paper filing cabinet can be sometimes secured using locked drawers, a simple lock is all that stands between potential thieves and your confidential records. With an EDMS you can limit access to employees with proper credentials—plus your data can also be encrypted to ensure that even if a company PC or server is compromised, the information is still protected from misuse.

An EDMS is also hosted on-site using company servers, rather than on a hosted server like cloud-based document management systems. Similar to how an EDMS administrator can limit user access to certain documents to prevent unauthorized entry, this also helps to minimize the potential chances for unwanted access from an external source.

For instance, even if your company were to follow document management best practices to a T, if you were using a cloud-based server that was compromised in any way, this would in-turn put your records at risk of being accessed by whoever managed to penetrate the cloud storage system.

If you manage highly regulated information—such as health records, for example—a well-maintained EDMS on company servers is your best bet for ensuring you meet strict compliance requirements laid out by HIPAA or other state and federal legislation.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Document Management

cost effective time money electronic document management systems edmsIn terms of the cost of managing business records, it’s important that business owners consider the monetary value of not just the time an electronic document management system saves, but also space as well.

A file cabinet sitting in a corner lays dormant—taking up room in your office, but performing no other duty or task other than holding papers. By comparison, using an EDMS you can store the same amount of documents, but since they are in electronic file format, they occupy infinitely less space.

This opens up the same area that was once wasted on a traditional file cabinet—allowing companies to instead place a new desk and hire an employee who instead of simply taking up space, can actually help to make you money.

Additionally, given the security benefits of electronic document management systems against threats like data breaches, the added security of an EDMS can also be considered a cost-effective investment. With potential fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage on the line in the event of a security breach in your company, the cost of properly implementing and maintaining an EDMS becomes much more appealing.

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