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Medical practices have the unique challenge of protecting personal health information (PHI). Not only will you need to protect your information on a day-to-day basis, but you will need to make sure that your records are secure throughout the scanning process and when in storage. 

Medical record scanning and medical record storage with Record Nations Gainesville is safe and secure. Our image processing and storage facilities are HIPAA and HITECH compliant. 

Preparing Medical Records for Scanning in Gainesville

Under HIPAA privacy regulations medical providers are legally obligated to maintain, retain, and dispose of medical records in a specific way that keeps patient information safe. Implementing an Electronic Health Records System (EHR) helps medical practices to follow the HIPAA policies and improves the management of patient records overall.  

Follow these simple steps to get started with medical records scanning and your digital conversion project:

  1. Request free price quotes by filling out the form on this page. We will ask for some details about your project like the number of records you will be scanning and how much detail you want for each file. 
  2. You will receive quotes from Gainesville-based providers within minutes. 
  3. Review your options and select a provider that fits your needs. Together you can begin your scanning project. 

medical Record scanning and storageMedical Records Storage Services

Digitizing your medical practice eliminates the need for storing patient files in your office. You will need to keep some physical files, but you can move them to an offsite storage facility. 

You will have the ability to control who has access to your files and will be able to retrieve files whenever necessary. Our storage facilities also offer security features like 24/7 monitoring, live patrol, and climate control. 

Medical Records Custodian

When a Gainesville healthcare facility closes, a company is appointed as the custodian to manage the patient records. Each state has different rules and guidelines for how long a record needs to be stored. 

Custodians of medical records can store physical copies in a secure storage facility or scan the documents and store them electronically using an EMR system. With either option, patient records must be readily available upon request. Failure to produce forms could result in fines or penalties. 

Record Nations Gainesville can help you find a local provider to manage your records, release needed information and destroy the records after the retention period. 

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