Document Shredding & Destruction Services in San Bruno, CA

Document Shredding & Destruction Services in San Bruno, CADocument shredding and destruction services reduce your risk of identity theft and fraud. We physically dispose of your information to ensure it cannot be recovered and misused. 

Let us help you find the most secure destruction services for your sensitive data so you can have confidence that your private information won’t be leaked.

Our Document Shredding Services

Businesses have a legal obligation to protect employee and consumer information. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines, violations, and misuse of private information. Record Nations complies with all applicable privacy laws to keep you in compliance and reduce your risk of a security breach.

Our shredding options include:

  • Mobile shredding: We come directly to your location to complete your shredding at your curb. It is convenient, secure, and affordable. You may witness the shredding process if needed.
  • Off-site shredding: Designed for high-volume shredding projects, we pick up your documents and deliver them to a local shredding facility for destruction.
  • Drop-off locations: We have several locations throughout San Bruno that can be used at your convenience.

Mobile and offsite shredding services can be scheduled on a recurring basis to keep up with your shredding needs. You can pair shredding services with scanning and storage to safely dispose of documents you no longer need.

Hard Drive Shredding and Degaussing

A hard drive is a compact storage device that can store thousands of files. When a document is saved to the hard drive, it is written onto the platters of the drive. Once saved, the document is difficult to fully erase. The best way to protect your information from being recovered is to physically destroy the hard drive.

You can safely dispose of your hard drives using the following services:

  • Hard Drive Shredding: This method is the most secure option for destroying hard drives. It uses exhaustive methods to take apart your devices, shred the pieces, and recycle the remaining fragments.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing: This method uses machines with powerful magnets to scramble your files into unrecognizable data. It makes your data nearly impossible to recover.
  • Hard Drive Crushing: This method crushes and pokes holes into your drives. It shatters the platters, making your data irretrievable.

Protect Your Data Today

Legal compliance with privacy regulations saves your company from fines and violations, while also protecting your private and customer information. Call us at (650) 830-3533 or fill out the form to request free, no-obligation quotes from destruction experts near you.

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