Document Storage Services in Washington D.C.

Document Storage Service Washington D.C.Becoming a more organized office is easier than ever with Record Nations’ document storage service. We offer physical document storage, cloud storage, and document management system software, all to make your office become that much more productive and organized.

Lost and misplaced items can affect your company in a negative way, reflecting on your organizational and detail-oriented skills. Documents can easily land in the wrong hands and be used against you, affecting your entire reputation.

Our Document Storage Services in Washington DC

Physical Document Storage

Physically storing your documents at one of our facilities will give you peace of mind that your documents are safe and secure, and the opportunity to make space in your office. Washington D.C. has multiple locations, making storing your documents even more convenient.

Our storage locations will keep your files in a climate-controlled facility, and the document storage company will be available for you to retrieve your documents at any point you may need them.

Cloud Storage and Cloud Services

Cloud computing and computer networking conceptCloud storage gives you the opportunity to view, edit and share documents with a simple click of a button. Employees that are working from home will be able to access them easily and you will be able to organize them in any way you like.

We promise to scan, tag and index all your files to your exact specifications, which will make it even easier for you to locate when the time comes.

Document Management System Software (DMS)

streamline business using electronic document management systems edmsDMS Software will allow you to manage documents in the sense that you can see who edited what documents when they were edited and you can even revert the files back to their original version if you do not approve of the changes. You will also have complete control over who has access to which documents.

DMS connects your employees through a system where all files are available to them. Multiple employees can work on the same document, which will promote teamwork, help with productivity, and lower the chance of mistakes since multiple eyes will be on the document at one time.

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