Adams Data Management Acquired

Access Information Management has announced the acquisition of Adams Data Management. Adams Data Management is a division of The Adams Companies. They offered records storage from locations in Tucker and Gainesville. Adams was one of the largest providers or records information management services in Georgia.

Access Information Management is now in 26 markets throughout the United States and Costa Rica. This expands the coverage of the company in the Atlanta market. They will offer records storage and paper shredding services in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Financial details of the transaction were not released.

At their current rate Access will have locations in all major markets in a year or two. This will create a strong competitor to Recall and Iron Mountain. Things have changed significantly over the last two years. Iron Mountain is now putting much more focus on the box storage market. Recall has come of the sales block and appears to be in the business for a longer time frame than they had expected. At the same time single location providers continue to thrive.

The need for every business to properly maintain their records continues to be an issue. The number of laws and regulations concerning retention and security is expanding. Most businesses are not large enough to employ a librarian or a certified records manager so they need to seek expertise from outsource services. This is where businesses like Record Nations can help. They provide the expertise and solutions that reduce the headache of records retention.