A Holistic View of Document Imaging

Here’s a quick document imaging quiz:

  1. How many companies take advantage of the latest advancements in document imaging and document scanning?
  2. How many companies claim to have a records management system in place?
  3. How many companies have well-defined policies on record management?


We may never know the exact answers, but a recent survey of 372 records managers shares some interesting and useful statistics.

How Your Peers Manage Their Records

The study looked at the current records management practices of businesses to determine whether a winning formula for implementing and executing records management could exist. The study found that, while many professionals have existing records management processes, policies are often ill-defined. Only 70% of those surveyed have an existing electronic records repository, while 91% have paper records repositories. For those companies utilizing document imaging, records managers are not always clear on the benefits of such a process. About 50% believed compliance was enhanced by document imaging, and only 21% use digital imaging to gain a competitive advantage.

Your Records Management Program: Is It Effective?

There is no doubt that companies can reap big cost savings, improved efficiencies and enhanced productivity and compliance by converting paper to digital formats. Companies can also fulfill green initiatives with proper document scanning and records management.

So how is the records management program working within your organization?

Interestingly, of all the many benefits of document imaging, operational efficiency was listed as the primary benefit. No doubt, your company would agree. Especially among organizations applying document imaging to multiple departments, the benefits are proven to enhance awareness, improve abilities, and ensure greater retention of and easier access to important records. And yet, this survey seems to demonstrate that most organizations have a long way to go in understanding the deeper benefits of effective records management programs, which can play a part in solving specific departmental challenges. Overarching benefits of greater organizational efficiency are numerous and include:

  1. Protection and security of digital documents via restrictive access achieved with passwords, access codes and permissions profiles.
  2. “In seconds” document access and retrieval from anywhere in the world.
  3. Routine back up and secure elimination of the risks of physical damage or security breaches.
  4. Increased efficiency and reduced costs due to more consistent formatting of digital images
  5. Enhanced business process collaboration, further reducing costs and cycle times.

Get Help with Document Management

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